In a world where businesses get by doing the bare minimums, SkyLife Elite’s mission is to go above and beyond expectations. We offer our members a truly elite experience on every flight. Safety, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction are among the highest levels of importance to us. We not only manage our aircrafts with an experienced crew of highly trained and motivated personnel but we also maintain our aircrafts to top-notch standards with a maintenance department that averages 25 years of aeronautical experience. We provide luxury travel to the elite business and private class of Northeast Florida. Fly with class, fly ELITE.

Transparent &



SkyLife Elite’s management plan is individualized to each owner with customized details to meet your specific requirements. We provide you with full financial transparency utilizing the best tools and resources to meet aircraft management needs, accomplish your goals, and exceed your expectations.
Bridget Dehart (Owner)
Raymond Frez (Director of Maintenance)
Robert Wrinkle (President)
Grant Davis (Chief Pilot)
  • Light/Heavy maintenance at our facilities and supervision of major maintenance events
  • Scheduling and pre-flight planning (customs, ground handling, etc.)
  • Exclusive Owner Maintenance Company
  • 24 Hour Dispatch


Receive unprecedented levels of control and convenience with our private charter services. When your plans change, we’re happy to accomodate them, even at the last minute. Get quotes within 24 hours and immediate approvals on our owned fleet. With SkyLife Elite you travel on your own schedule.

Design your own schedule, when you charter a private flight, you’re not at the mercy of pre-set arrival and departure times, and you don’t need to worry about your travel plans being thrown off by cancellations and delays. You can decide when and where you’d like to depart and arrive – and you can feel condident about sticking to the schedule you’ve set.

If your group is large, you may save money. Since you’re paying for the aircraft and not individual seats, it’s possible that filling the plane with your whole team might be less expensive than buying individual commercial seats.


    24 - Hour Call Out Time

    Designed for One-Time Flights

    One Fee


    12 - Hour Call Out Time

    Designed for Frequent Flyers

    Discounted Rates

    Concierge Service

    Lower Fuel Costs

    Access to Fleet


    8 - Hour Call Out Time

    Designed for Long Term Partners

    Discounted Rates

    Concierge Service

    Lower Fuel Costs

    Aircraft Maintenance

    In House Maintenance

    Access to Cutting Edge
    Aircraft Reporting System