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In a world where businesses get by doing the bare minimums, SkyLife Elite’s mission is to go above and beyond expectations. We offer our members a truly elite experience on every flight. Safety, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction are among the highest levels of importance to us. We not only manage our aircrafts with an experienced crew of highly trained and motivated personnel but we also maintain our aircrafts to top-notch standards with a maintenance department that averages 25 years of aeronautical experience. We provide luxury travel to the elite business and private class of Northeast Florida. Fly with class, fly ELITE.


My Aircraft Reporting System (MARS)

Relationships are built on mutual trust and transparency. At SkyLife Elite we show aircraft owners that we have their best interests in mind with a level of transparency unlike they have ever seen before. MARS gives owners up-to-the-minute detailed reports about their aircraft, including past and present financials, flight status, repairs and maintenance, and more.

The world is continually changing, and you must adapt to keep up. MARS provides a top-down overview of your entire aircraft, providing the information needed to adapt to changing market conditions in a timely manner ensuring that your aircraft has been chartered as often as possible ensuring a profitable relationship.

When you allow Skylife Elite to manage your aircraft, you will receive the Mars microsite which will ensure 100% transparency.

  • Dr. Tabitha Johnson

    "SkyLife Elite is top notch. The Owners are amazing, the service is impeccable, and the flights are amazing. If you're ready to fly as a V.I.P in style, this is for you!"
  • Kelly Sherrill

    "I flew from Jacksonville, FL to Hickory, NC and returned the next day. The crew was very professional and courteous. I flew on the King Air which was very smooth. I flew on the King Air which was very smooth. We left on time and our flight back on the next day was also on time. I recommend SkyLife to be your first choice for your business/personal flights."